Mission & Philosophy

Your Portal to Financial Independence

What’s the Problem?

  • Most people are uncertain about their future. Unfortunately, for most people their future is certain, retirement will not come until age 75 to 80. This has an unintended effect on their kids and grandkids having higher unemployment rates and under employment rates because older folks are holding on to the jobs longer. This in turn places additional financial burdens on parents because they support their kids into their 30’s.
  • Parents don’t have a plan to pay for quality education for their kids. Many kids are graduating from college with a student loan payment that resembles a mortgage payment but doesn’t include the house.
  • Compounding the problem is a 22% unemployment rate for the under 25 crowd, as a result, individuals with advanced degrees are taking undesirable jobs just to cover their car payment.
  • Many would be entrepreneurs and investors are stuck in mind numbing jobs because they can’t get the funding to start their business. It’s these small businesses that could eradicate unemployment and allow workers to save and invest for their future.
  • Peoples nest eggs are eroding because of high fees, high commissions and unpredictable swings in the stock market.
  • People are using old economy strategies like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or CD’s that don’t work in the new economy. These old economy investments are uncertain, unpredictable and unreliable which prevents people from living the life they want or continue the lifestyle they have when they stop working.
  • Most people are not aware that there is an alternative called self directing. The truth is, everyone is already self directing. When someone chooses to put money in a 401(k) with 5 mutual funds or turn it over to a stock broker she directed that decision and has to live with outcome.

Some folks are learning that there is an alternative that they can truly self direct but…

  • People lack the education and training to even know what questions to ask, let alone have a clear path to follow.
  • 80% of people who talk to a custodian don’t open the account because they don’t know what to do or have an opportunity to invest in.
  • For people who do open an account, they typically only do 1 investment because someone brought it to them. They don’t own a skill set that allows them to successfully find and evaluate investments 2 through 10 and diversify and grow their portfolio.
  • Many folks feel alone because they turn to custodians for help but are passive and only hold investments, not guide them in the process.
  • Many folks lack the complete picture because they are getting most of their information from investment sponsors that only have expertise in one investment.
  • Often times the client needs professional services like tax, legal or investment advice tailored to self directing but can’t get it through their neighborhood advisor. “But my CPA/attorney doesn’t know anything about this,” is a common mantra. Once again, the client finds himself left alone.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs become aware that they can use private IRA money to start or expand their business but don’t know who to talk to, where to find them or what to say.

Those are daunting challenges, is there a real solution?

Now there is!

What’s The Solution? Well what do you want?

  • Would you like the total solution that will be with you for the rest of your life?
  • Do you want a one to one relationship with a professional who cares about you, your family, your business and your success and can be completely biased toward you, not the product that pays them the highest commission?
  • Do you want to be armed with knowledge, education and training that can be easily implemented and puts you in control of your financial destiny?
  • Do you want a way to create your own customized path and invest with confidence?
  • Would you benefit if you have access to a marketplace that allows you to evaluate multiple investment opportunities, offers you real choices and you decide what’s best for you based on your goals?
  • How easy would your life be if you had access to professional solutions like tax, legal and investment advice by professionals who specialize in self directing and plainly price their services?
  • Could you acquire more assets to create more income if you had access to banks that lend to your IRA and compete for your business?
  • How beneficial would it be to your business if you could network with IRA investors who are looking for opportunities to invest their IRA funds?

Does this sound like a solution for you?

Then welcome to USelfDirect – Everybody cares about something.  It’s just that not everyone cares about the same thing.

What is USelfDirect?

  • Imagine a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, a place you can go, made up of like minded people all working toward the same goal: they want the best for themselves, their families and their employees.
  • It’s a community, that you become a special member of and contribute to. It exists online so you can connect before you head to the office, during your lunch hour or after you put the kids to bed. Connect with others, find opportunities, find funding, get answers to your questions, when it’s convenient for you.
  • Education and training. Learn from real people, creating real wealth with tools and resources that really work. Meet experts from around the country and in your own backyard. Implement little known strategies that can produce passive income for generations to come.
  • Every resource you need to successfully self direct is available, there is no stone unturned. You can chart your own course and achieve true financial independence.
  • You control the experience and have access to every resource you need when you need it, all in one place.
  • A one to one relationship with a professional to support you and encourage your success, and customize your experience.

How does USelfDirect work?

  • It’s an Online Financial Portal. Simply by creating an account you have access to every resource you need to self direct.
  • Education Solutions. On Demand and live. Which IRA is best for you? What is a trust deed and how can it fund your current lifestyle without any effort on your part? What is UBIT? Can you really borrow money in your IRA? Watch Videos, attend webinars, read articles, attend live events.
  • Interactive Q&A. Post questions and get answers. Participate in group coaching calls. See what other members are asking that you haven’t thought of.
  • Social Networking. Connect with other Horizon Trust clients. Build your network and share with others.
  • Professional Solutions. Find Tax, Legal, Advisory services delivered by professionals who specialize in the self directed IRA’s and alternative investments.
  • Investment Solutions. Get access to RSS feeds for upcoming tax lien auctions, sheriff sales, turnkey properties, trust deeds, current pricing on gold, silver, palladium, and host of other things going on in the alternative investing world.
  • Lending Solutions. Need a loan to your IRA to buy more cash flow real estate? Talk to lenders and get quotes for loans to your SDIRA.
  • Business Solutions. Need an ebook branded with you and your company on self directing? Need a website or logo designed? Powerfully present yourself to the world to win investment dollars for your business.
  • One to One. Get personal attention. Talk through your goals. Get your specific questions answered. Customize your experience.
  • Tax / Wealth Solutions. USelfDirect accounts powered by Horizon Trust allow you to take full advantage of tremendous tax benefits by marrying them with alternative investments. Save money on your tax bill this year. Accelerate your wealth by protecting income and profits as you invest. Create income tax free for the rest of your life and future generations to come.

What’s the benefit?

  • Results. Ultimately what you want to achieve is a result. You want to create a lifestyle and have it paid for without working, fund your kids education debt free or grow your business by leaps and bounds. USelfDirect is the most efficient and cost effective way to accomplish this.
  • Easy to use. You simply login and have complete access to a suite of education, training and resources at your fingertips.
  • It’s FREE. Everyone can afford it because membership is free.
  • Its simple. It doesn’t matter if you are new to self directing or an expert, you will find education and resources for every level of investor.
  • Integrated vs. Fragmented. No more aimlessly attending meetings and webinars looking for the missing links. Its everything you need, in one place, to stop wasting time and achieve more.
  • Build Confidence. Where does confidence come from? Doing the thing you need to do. With USelfDirect doing becomes easy. Now everyone can self direct with confidence and comfort.
  • Transform Lunch Hours into Power Hours. Without USelfDirect investing is a fulltime job. With USelfDirect you can learn, evaluate, and invest in less time than it takes to eat your lunch.

What’s different about USelfDirect?

  • Its everything you need to make the SDIRA work.
  • The SDIRA alone is not enough. It’s an important piece of the puzzle, but its not the whole puzzle. USelfDirect are the missing pieces.
  • It doesn’t exist in any form, anywhere else. (Until someone trys to copy us)
  • Clients get stopped because there is no way, from beginning to end, to get a total picture of how to do it and have all the resources in one convenient location. Custodians that have been in business for over 30 years haven’t even figured it out. USelfDirect is a game changer.
  • People don’t have the time to become full time investors. Play golf, take a vacation, play with your kids or grandkids. Why spend all your free waking moments trying to figure out how to self direct when you don’t have to.
  • The USelfDirect account is the platform and it is surrounded with the suite of resources that make it work.