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If you make the decision to enroll yourself in a Self Directed IRA then you will eventually have to fill out a few different types of forms. Nobody is in love with filling out paperwork, but understanding these documents is important. USelfDirect is not an IRA custodian and we do not have our own set of forms but we have provided some information regarding the different types of forms you will see and a few links to different IRA provider websites where you can find examples of their forms.

If you are opening an IRA for the first time then you will need to fill out an “Adoption Agreement” with your custodian. This form will ask you for your name, address, and other identifying pieces of information.

If you are transferring your current IRA into a Self Directed IRA then you will need to fill out an “IRA to IRA transfer form.” This will be similar to the adoption agreement but you will also have to designate where your funds are being transferred. The transfer form will be sent to your current custodian in order to give your new Self-Directed IRA custodian permission to transfer the funds.

Whether you are opening a new account or transferring over to one, you will always be required to sign a set of disclosures. Don’t be afraid of these disclosures because in a lot of cases they are designed to protect you. It is important that your IRA custodian is not giving you investment advice or moving funds without your permission; the set of disclosures kind of acts as their agreement to act accordingly. Be sure to read them and ask questions if you have any.

Other forms you might see are for special permissions regarding your account. For example: an “Account Designation” form allows you to designate a person, besides yourself, that can call into your custodian’s office and get information regarding your account (like a spouse or family member.)

For examples of these forms, here are a few IRA custodian websites for you.

Horizon Trust

Provident Trust

Equity Trust

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