Valuation Services

Valuation is an important concept when it comes to self directing your IRA.Valuation most commonly comes into play when you are converting alternative assets to a Roth IRA or when you are taking distributions from an IRA. Fair Market Value is used to calculate tax due or RMD’s needed to be taken from the IRA accounts.

Valuing a stock or mutual fund is easy because they are priced daily and the prices are published and easy to find. But what’s the value of your Limited Partnership? Or what about the leases on office equipment your IRA owns?

Did you know the IRS requires Fair Market Valuations to be determined on all assets and that it is the IRA owners responsibility to do this? Did you also know that valuations need to be conducted by an independent qualified third party?

Fortunately, as a USelfDirect member your life is that much easier because we help you connect to the valuation experts you need. Its just one more way that USelfDirect is making self directing easy.

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