Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of being a self directed investor is that you need actionable advice in order to make the best decisions about your future. Because of this, we’ve developed a suite of calculators to help you evaluate your present and future investment decisions.

Right off the bat, we’ve produced 4 highly-demanded calculators. Our most basic one is the Compound Interest calculator, which allows you to estimate how much your investment might grow over time using the power of compounding interest.

Our “What Account is Right for Me?” calculator allows you to determine – based on future contributions and your retirement time horizon – whether you benefit more from investing your retirement funds in to a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Knowing the difference between accounts could mean tens- or hundreds-of thousands of additional dollars at the time of your retirement.

If you already have a balance in a Traditional, Simple, or SEP IRA, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to convert your balance in to a Roth IRA. Though you may spend some extra money on taxes in the short run, the long term benefits of a Roth IRA should not be overlooked – as the taxes on the principle and the earnings will already have been paid by the time you retire. Because of this, we’ve developed an innovative Roth IRA Conversion Calculator that allows you to estimate virtually every condition of your retirement plan and provides you with a clear answer based on your expected tax rate at retirement (the ultimate factor when deciding to stay in your Traditional IRA or convert to a Roth). We also provide guidance for a gradual conversion to a Roth IRA – something nobody else offers.

Finally, for those of you entering the world of Self Directed Investing from a more traditional investment strategy, we’ve included a powerful Portfolio Analysis tool. This tool is designed to help you re-allocate your investments based on the wider range of available investments – such as trust deeds, precious metals, real estate, and more. We’ve even provided a structure to allow you to choose what sort of market you think we’ll face in the future – ranging from a future depression / recession to a booming economy. This ensures that you can make the decision that is right for you and your family and hedge against downturns in the economy.

Of course, all our tools are free to use for our members – so we invite you to join USelfDirect. Membership is free and signing up takes less than 30 seconds! Become part of the fastest-growing self directed investor community and discover why USelfDirect is leading the way to financial solutions for the 21st century.