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Welcome to USelfDirect.com where our mission is to give every individual the power to control their financial future. We believe that this power derives from education. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. At USelfDirect, we provide free IRA investment content and IRA services so that all Americans can easily understand the varied concepts within our IRA investment world. Using the right information will help you structure your IRA retirement plan and understand what types of IRA investment choices are right for you. Follow these 3 simple steps to get full access to all of the FREE IRA services and tools at your fingertips!


In order to become a self-directed investor, the first step is to learn about how a Self-Directed IRA investment works and how it can benefit you. To help you, we are giving you a free gift. CLICK HERE to download your FREE Self-Directed Starter Kit.

2 Educate & Analysis

USelfDirect is proud to bring you the world’s first USelfEvaluator!

The USelfEvaluator is designed to illustrate the difference between typical traditional portfolios and an enhanced portfolio that utilizes the additional investment opportunities that only Self-directed investor can obtain. This tool is definitely one of the most powerful IRA services that USelfDirect has to offer.

After completing the USelfEvaluator’s simple 5 step process, you will see a clear picture of how your personal strategy can be improved and what your IRA retirement plan should start to look like. CLICK HERE FOR ANALYSIS.

3 Execute

Now that you have the framework for IRA retirement plan, it is time for the professionals at USelfDirect.com to help you execute your unique strategy. CONTACT US to be connected with your USelfDirect mentor. Just tell us you are on “Step 3” of the Quick Start and we will gladly provide one-on-one assistance designed to help you:

  • Further analyze your current situation
  • Discuss different IRA investment types
  • Execute your IRA retirement plan
  • Customize an education plan to help you move forward with confidence
  • Assist in navigating and utilizing the additional tools and features of USelfDirect.com