What's Stopping You?

Whats stopping you?

 I have asked this question well over 500 times. I’ve asked it over 300 times to a single person on the other end of the phone; as well as a person sitting beside me at a table. I’ve asked it another 200+ times from stage standing in front of audiences from 50 to 500 people. I can distill all the answers down to 7 obstacles.

  1. Money. Many people don’t think they have enough money to self direct. The fact is, it does take money but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your money. The other reality is that there are self directed investing strategies that require no more than $100, its just most people aren’t aware of them. The solution is to use other peoples money or select the right strategies. Which leads to the next challenge…
  2. Knowledge. It takes knowledge to make money and create wealth. However, you don’t have to possess all the knowledge yourself as long as you have the ability to leverage other people’s knowledge and expertise. Which in turn requires overcoming the third obstacle…
  3. Rolodex. Self directing is a team sport. The challenge is, most people starting out don’t know the right people that can help them achieve their goals. The solution is to get the right people in your contact list, build the right relationships which will help you conquer the fourth obstacle…
  4. Time. Many people take too much on themselves and own too many pieces of the process. The solution is to pick strategies that fit with the amount of time you have and want to invest in the wealth creation process. You can be as active or as passive as you want.
  5. Resources. As you go through the journey of self directing you will need different resources at times. From an SDIRA custodian to an attorney, CPA or a way to find an investment. These are a few examples of resources and knowing how, when and where to access them is critical to your success.
  6. Fear. There are several fears that creep up pursuing the path to wealth. Often times fear is created when you are trying to move forward without the right pieces in place. Having an outcome based plan with all the pieces necessary to execute it is the solution to overcome fear and move forward.
  7. An Outcome Based Plan. Most people don’t have one. An outcome based plan is where you begin with the end in mind. You know the exact outcomes you want to achieve and the strategies become a slave to the outcome you desire, you do not become a slave to the strategies.

The USelfDirect Solution

Having only one of these obstacles in front of you can derail your results. If you have not achieved the success or financial security you want, its not your fault. Most self directed investors or ‘would be’ investors have typically 5 or more of these obstacles present, don’t understand them or how to overcome them. This is why so many people who have a self directed IRA don’t use it.

The good news is you now know what the obstacles are and have FREE instant access to the solution through USelfDirect.

USelfDirect is designed to help you move beyond each of these obstacles so you can get what you want by bringing all of the missing pieces together in one convenient location.