As many of you know, many companies today are in trouble. They are facing financial challenges that may drive them into bankruptcy or out of business all together. The question is – What happens to the company employees when this happens? What happens to people who have dedicated years of their lives to these companies? What happens to the very people responsible for decades of profits?

What few people fail to realize, is that company sponsored retirement programs that are managed by a third party can become literally trapped when a company falls into bankruptcy or shuts its doors. Worse still, the employees that spent years putting aside money for their own financial security, can be left stranded and helpless to get control of their own money. Those are NOT company monies, those are personal investment funds. However, the legal process to establish and retake that control can take months and even years.  That’s right – YEARS before you can get your own retirement money back under your control.

This New York Times article by Gretchen Morgenson tells one of those very real and very sad stories. This is just another example of why no American should surrender control of their financial future to anyone, even their own employer. Self directed investing is absolutely THE way to invest. It keeps you in control of your hard earned cash. It keeps your family’s financial future where it belongs – in your own hands.

Read the full article, and realize that this is a sad possibility that too many American’s, like you, face today. Take control now!